The history of cockfighting is an intricate one. This is because cockfighting originated in Southeast Asia. The early craze was centered on a game called cock, which was used by the Asian people as a source of food and also as a source of income. The cockfighting history can be traced back to Thailand in the early 19th century. At this time, the people used the game cock as a sign of good luck and fortune. Since then cockfighting has evolved as a sport that involves many countries

Cockfighting in London, England, c. 1800. A famous cockfighting stadium was built by Col. Richard Bailes. The first major cockfight was held in the rebuilt Old Guildhall, today the main public library in central London. The ban on cockfighting was slowly overturned, but the sport itself lived on, with some variations being brought to the United States and parts of Europe.

If you visit China, you will see the cockfighting activities taking place there. In Manila, cockfighting is legal in many locales. The cockfighting promoters are particularly keen to attract tourists as there is a large cockfighting following in the Philippines. While in Manila you can watch the popular cockfighting shows featuring masked women with huge dogs that have been trained to attack their opponents.

Gambling and cockfighting go hand in hand. Professional cockfighting games are played with a variety of chickens that are trained to fight. Many of these games feature cockfighting gamesmanship and large pots as the stakes.

The nineteenth century saw another set of major advancements in cockfighting. With the wealth created by the industrial revolution in Asia came the need to use the cock for other purposes. cockfighting began to be seen as a form of sports rather than as a means of gambling. Soon after, the sport of cockfighting developed and gained a following in India. Soon after this, the Indian government announced that cockfighting was an illegal sport and the law against it became nullified.

Although cockfighting has grown into a serious sport in many countries it remains a sport for men. Men have historically been the predominant users of gamecocks. It is estimated that in the United States over fifteen million gamecocks are raised for the sport of cockfighting. The sport brings in large sums of money for cities that support it and provides employment for many city residents who otherwise would not be able to afford it. In some areas gamecocks are treated as the show animals and are treated like royalty.

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